Darkness in the Big Apple

This is a Rp based around the Dark side of New York city. You can be anything you want to be.
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Demi Nicholson

Demi Nicholson

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PostSubject: Demi Nicholson   Sat Nov 24, 2012 9:40 am

Your Name: Ioana

Your Student's name: Demi Nicholson
Class Level: 10th
Character Age: 17
Social Clique: Rebel
Extra Curricular Activities: Music
Strongest Subject: Music and Writing
Weakest Subject: Physics
Character Face: Demi Lovato
Bio: Demi Nicholson was an only child, to drug addict parents. Her parents were addicted to cocaine when Demi was just five, soon after her parents got busted at a party and were arrested. The judge on the case forced the parents into a rehab, and put Demi into foster care, where she as been since she was just seven. Demi had been one to keep to herself, but when she was taken in to foster homes, she tried hard to be a good girl and behave, but she was always taken back to the foster care, because of different things. One big thing was nightmares, so bad she would awake at night screaming and crying. After a few nights of no sleep, the foster parents took her back. It did long lasting problems for Demi. When Selena showed up at the foster care, Demi and Selena became friends that day. Becoming best friends, they never left each others side, even going as far as moving into the same room, without asking anyone. They did not care. When they get the time, they make Youtube videos about themselves and just goof around. When Selena found out about her brother Demi was right by her side and ready to run with her. When they broke out of the foster care, Demi never said a bad word, about the cold nights, or storage unit that they lived in. Soon Selena learned that Demi was a cutter and as been helping Demi to stop the self harm to herself. Now Selena and Demi were out on the streets looking for the one and only Neal Caffrey.
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Demi Nicholson
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