Darkness in the Big Apple

This is a Rp based around the Dark side of New York city. You can be anything you want to be.
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 Rosaline "Rosa" Emilia Catelani

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Jackson DeCarlo

Jackson DeCarlo

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PostSubject: Rosaline "Rosa" Emilia Catelani   Fri Nov 16, 2012 12:12 am

Character Name: Rosaline "Rosa" Emilia Catelani

Character Face: Laura Osnes

Status: On and off with Jackson DeCarlo, currently off by her choice.

Job: Student, Colombia University School of the Arts, Theatre MFA Program

Kids: None

Bio: Rosa Catelani has been Jackson's best friend since they were kids. Rosa was often the lead female in the shows that Jackson would do set work for. Since they were sixteen they've been together on and off, and even traveled to New York together when they both got into Colombia University. When Rosa was 19, she began a long battle with anorexia nervosa, last year that battle nearly ended when she starved herself down to a near fatal 75 pounds. For the last six months she's been in a psychiatric rehab facility, trying to cope with the disorder. Though she tries to push him away, Jackson remains loyal to her, and refuses to leave her side. He swears that he will get her through this, and hopes that someday he and Rosa will marry.

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Rosaline "Rosa" Emilia Catelani
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