Darkness in the Big Apple

This is a Rp based around the Dark side of New York city. You can be anything you want to be.
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 Selena Emily Caffrey

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Selena Caffrey

Selena Caffrey

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PostSubject: Selena Emily Caffrey   Mon Nov 12, 2012 8:23 am

Your Name: Sabrina
Your Student's name: Selena Emily Caffrey
Class Level: 8th
Character Age:15 years old
Social Clique: preps
Extra Curricular Activities: Singing in a band
Strongest Subject: Music and Writing
Weakest Subject: Math
Character Face: Selena Gomez
Bio: Selena Emily Bennet was born on 22 December, 1998 Grand Prairie, Texas. Amanda and Selena moved to New York when Selena was just five. Selena is the half unknown sister of the famous Neal George Caffrey. Neal’s father, James Bennet was also Selena’s father, and he took off on Selena’s mother Amanda Teefey. Selena has Mexican and Italian heritage on her mother’s side, and never found out what heritage, on her father’s side. Selena has her father’s hair and his blue eyes, but at times Selena, will wear brown contacts, just to change it up from time to time. Selena is in the 8th grade, and acing her Music and Writing class, her math class and history, she is not doing so well, but she is passing. Selena loves dogs, and adopted her dog named Chip from an animal shelter. Selena is her mother’s only child, but not her father’s, but she does not know that. Selena loves to sing, and she even is the lead singer of the band Selena Gomez & The Scene. Selena has been in foster care since her mother passed away a year ago. Selena has been happy because she has been allowed her to stay at her school, and spend time with her best friend, Demi. Selena also does a YouTube show with her best friend Demi called "The Demi and Selena Show”. Selena recently found out that she has a half-brother, after doing research on her father for a school paper. Now Selena, with her best friend Demi who is also in foster care are breaking out of the foster care to fine Neal.
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Selena Emily Caffrey
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